10 Signs You Need Foundation Repair in Florida

Does your Florida home need foundation repair? How do you know? Read on to learn the top ten signs you need foundation repair in Florida.

Your home’s foundation is what determines the longevity of your property.

But how do you know what kind of condition your home’s foundation is in as the years pass by? This can be tricky to determine without a professional foundation evaluation.

If there are issues with your foundation, there are tell-tale warning signs that will appear over time. Avoid expensive foundation repair in Florida by learning these signs…

Warning Signs of Foundation Repair in Florida

The rule-of-thumb when it comes to house foundation repair is that proactive foundation repair is always better than reactive foundation repair.

As soon as you recognize any one of these 10 warning signs of damage to your house foundation, nip it the bud as early as possible!

1. Windows and Doors That Stick

One of the first giveaways that your home’s foundation could be settling is when your doors and windows begin to stick or jam shut. Sure, this could also be caused by humidity, but if your windows and doors just don’t open and shut like they used to, this could be your first warning sign.

2. Interior and Exterior Cracks

If you begin to notice cracks on either the interior or exterior walls of your home, this is a sure-fire signal of foundation trouble. Whether they’re cracks along your interior drywall or zig-zag across exterior brick walls, you may want to get your foundation checked!

3. Ceiling Gaps

Many homes are fitted with decorative molding along their ceiling edges in main rooms such as the lounge, kitchen and master bedroom. If you notice these crown moldings are pulling away from your ceiling and leaving gaps, this is another warning sign that your foundation could be settling.

4. Caulking Gaps

As with ceiling gaps, caulking gaps appear between the edges of windows and doors when a foundation is damaged and begins to shift. Ultimately this leaves you with small gaps between your window and door frames and the body of your house. If you notice caulking gaps, call in a foundation expert.

5. Sunken Flooring

This is a very obvious and clear sign you have issues with your foundation where it’s either cracked or sinking into the earth. If the ground is sinking around the edge of your home, this a warning of a major foundation issue.

6. A Shifting Porch or Patio

If you notice the edges of your patio or porch area slowly beginning to pull away from the body of your home, there’s a foundation issue at play. This could signal a cracked or sinking foundation which requires immediate attention.

7. Wrinkling Wallpaper

This is a clear sign the walls in your home have shifted and moved due to a cracked, sinking or settling foundation. As the walls move, the wallpaper will pull and wrinkle along with it.

8. Popped Nails

Here you will find the nails in your drywall or sheetrock are pulling away from the area they have originally been nailed to. This is generally characterized by a small, cracked circle around the nail head.

9. Sloping Floors

If you suspect you have foundation issues, you can do a simple test to see how level the floors in your home are. If they slope more than an inch every 15-20 feet, you most likely need foundation repair.

10. Basement Wall Bowing

If you find the walls in your basement are beginning to bow and bend inwards towards the room, this is a sign of soil expansion.

The wet soil around your foundation will expand and push back against it. But as the soil dries, it pulls away from your foundation, causing this bowing effect.

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