When you have a structural issue with your home or business,
we can help you evaluate the issues and give you solutions.

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Foundation Repair Florida Trusts

Cracks in your walls, cracks around the base of your home, uneven doors and windows are often the result of foundation settlement.

Seawall Erosion Repair

Seawall failure and erosion are a widespread problem throughout Florida. Many homeowners and businesses are experiencing the frustrations of seawall failures and need to fix them once and for all.

Chemical Grouting

We’ve all seen and heard stories of sinkholes opening and compromising the integrity of homes and business throughout Florida. Sinkholes are a fact of life in Florida and Foundation Technologies is ready to help.

Slab Lifting

Poorly compacted fill soils, drying and shrinking soils beneath a slab, or a washout of soil create a void below your slab, weakening the soil supporting the concrete. At some point the slab will crack, break and settle.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your property’s foundation. Be sure to include what issues you are experiencing and if your property is a business or residential.