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Cracks in your walls, cracks around the base of your home, uneven doors and windows are often the result of foundation settlement.

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Cracks in your walls, cracks around the base of your home, uneven doors and windows are often the result of foundation settlement. The vast amounts of shrinking and swelling clay make foundation settlement a severe problem resulting in cracking of slabs, footings, and walls.

Foundation Technologies uses underpinning as part of the repair methodology to remedy settling foundations due to shrink swell clays, organic materials and for sinkhole subsidence remediation. It stabilizes and levels the foundations and slabs. Have a foundation issue? We can help.


Foundation repair in Gainesville, FL often uses underpinning as a foundation repair system that incorporates the use of steel pilings that are hydraulically advanced to load bearing strata (limerock or other dense subsurface soils). These pilings are load tested to insure proper installation and are then attached to the foundation. The weight of the structure is permanently and safely transferred to the underpins insuring that your biggest investment is secure for the future.

The method uses a hydraulic ram to press interlocking steel segments into supporting soils or lime rock. Once the piles are properly embedded, a controlled and consistent lifting force is applied in the affected area and the pile and bracket are attached to the footing to become an integral part of the foundation system. The unstable soil conditions in the affected area are no longer a factor because the weight load has been transferred to a more stable soil stratum. The piles are end-bearing, not frictional in nature, meaning your home is ultimately resting on solid soils

helical piles

In some cases where traditional foundation repair system are not practical, we use helical pilings for structure stabilization. A helical pile consists of a helical plate on the lead section of the piling. This type of piling is screwed into the ground until it reaches refusal. Once the piling has been load tested, it is then attached to the foundation and the structure is permanenetly stabilized in place.

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