Do you need a long term waterproofing solution for your leaks?

Foundation Technologies uses injection resin that is long-lasting solutions to leaks in manholes, utility vaults, meter boxes, tunnels, tanks, clarifiers, aeration basins, lift stations, pump stations, catch basins, elevator pits, below-grade walls, equipment pits, lateral connections, mainlines, dams, channels, flumes, swimming pools, concrete basements, and many other areas requiring waterproofing. The type of resin we use is a 2-part polyurethane and a kind of product that will last indefinitely unless exposed for years to direct sunlight. 

Polyurethane resin products are used to stop leaks and fill underground voids without excavation. These low viscosity injection resins are long-lasting solutions to leaks. Since leaks are usually the result of small hairline cracks within the concrete, the repair resins are highly viscous (thin) and are hydrophilic meaning they seek water in order to react. The resins will travel the path of least resistance and will create a deep and lasting sealing of the crack once it has cured.

Among the structures that can be repaired with low viscosity injection resins are: 

  • swimming pools
  • manholes
  • utility vaults
  • meter boxes
  • tunnels
  • tanks
  • lift stations and pump stations
  • catch basins
  • elevator pits
  • concrete basements
  • ... and many other areas requiring waterproofing

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