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Seawall failure and erosion are a widespread problem throughout Florida.

Many homeowners and businesses are experiencing the frustrations of seawall failures and need to fix them once and for all. Common signs of failure include:

  • soil subsidence
  • wall cracking
  • voids
  • settling of sidewalks
  • settling of pool slabs
  • tilting of the walls.

These symptoms are caused by erosion of the ground behind the wall. Timely diagnosis and repair of these structures are critical before total failure occurs. 

Ignoring foundation problems can only lead to more damage. Give us a call today before it's too late.

Sea Wall repairSeawall failure can be caused by erosion, wall leaks, improper drainage and poorly compacted soils. Timely diagnosis and repair of these structures are critical before total failure occurs. Since total or partial replacement of the wall is very expensive and time-consuming, chemical grout has emerged as a fast, low-cost repair solution.

Foundation Technologies will assess the seawall damage and determine the proper repair plan. The typical repair plan consists of assuring proper drainage/pressure relief with the installation of pressure relief ports and injection of chemical grout immediately behind the landward side of the seawall to stop erosion. The injection will continue up the seawall to seal cracks and fissures and to fill any voids created by previous erosion.

Our repair process is quick and clean, and all materials are ANSI approved. These repairs require no excavation and are usually completed in one to two days. 


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